高中焦点! La新月-Hokah公立学校


La新月, Minnesota – a small town with a BIG heart for 文化交流 High 学校s partnering with NWSE that actively support 文化交流 programs play a critical role in fostering underst和ing, 学生的多样性和全球公民意识. 它们帮助学生拓宽视野, 欣赏文化差异, 建立终身的友谊. 在这篇博客中,我们将聚焦其中一个…… 阅读更多 »



It is with highest honor that NWSE announces the student to receive NWSE’s first 戴尔·尼科尔森交换学生奖学金 Award for the 2023-24 学校 year. NWSE created the 戴尔·尼科尔森交换学生奖学金 in 2022 to spotlight 和 commemorate Dale’s devotion to 文化交流, 还有激情, 她对外国交换学生的关心和承诺. 30年来,戴尔… 阅读更多 »



One goal of 文化交流 is to connect 和 share with people from other countries 和 cultures. 比斯利的, NWSE寄宿家庭, 和 the Rueda Dujovnes family from Spain have taken this concept one step further than most, vacationing together in each other’s home countries 最后 of the 交流项目 this past June. 他们称之为“30…… 阅读更多 »



2022-23赛季即将开始, we are excited to announce that this is NWSE’s 35th year sponsoring 文化交流 programs! 为了庆祝这一里程碑, 我们要感谢所有的寄宿家庭, 交换学生, 国际合作伙伴, 工作人员, 协调员, 美国各地的学校和学区.S. 和 around the world that have participated in 和 supported our program 和 … 阅读更多 »



We can’t believe your NWSE program is coming to a close soon! 希望fully, you are already thinking about getting ready for your return home. 带着所有的期待, 悲伤, 兴奋之情越积越多, 事情可能会变得有点紧张. 别担心! 这是完全正常的! These feelings should tell you how close you have become … 阅读更多 »



亲爱的NWSE社区, We are so proud of all of you for working together 和 making these challenging times a positive experience! You have created close bonds 和 friendships that will last a lifetime. This week’s newsletter updates you about the NWSE 筹款 campaign, 建议更多有趣的活动, 你一直在等的是宣布… 阅读更多 »



亲爱的NWSE社区, 正如所承诺的, NWSE is back 和 here to support you with more suggestions for fun activities. We also want to thank everyone who participated in our video 和 TikTok contest – we are reviewing all your great videos 和 will announce the winners shortly! NWSE Tip: Students 和 host families can enjoy most of the activities we … 阅读更多 »

Join the NWSE GoFundMe Campaign to support 学生交流


支持NWSE GoFundMe活动,亲爱的NWSE社区,  The 西北学生交换 programs have been hit very hard by the coronavirus situation. We seek your support to help NWSE avert the full impact it will have on our programs. Already this year way too many of our students were forced to separate from their host families 和 学校s, 看到他们的…… 阅读更多 »



Press coverage of NWSE taken from an article by Dana Greyson, 刊登在3月31日的《澳门买球投注网》上, 2020   EXCHANGE RATE: UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCES WITH INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS About six years ago, Vancouver mother Sara Hardy learned of a short-term 学生交流 opportunity through her twins’ 学校. Her family agreed to host two Taiwanese boys for just 48 hours. … 阅读更多 »



We hope you are enjoying the suggested activities during this period of 学校 closures! 正如承诺的那样,我们回来了! NWSE will continue to suggest cool activities during this temporary coronavirus situation, 帮助你们保持积极的心态,并与彼此保持联系, 你们自己和你们的项目.   …. 赢得一张50美元的亚马逊礼品卡! 只要遵循… 阅读更多 »

NWSE三月通讯-每个人的活动! -第1部分


亲爱的NWSE社区, We want to extend our deep appreciation 和 gratitude to you as all of us join together to navigate the current COVID-19 (coronavirus) situation. First 和 foremost, we need to remember that this is a temporary situation. 从这个意义上说, let’s remain forward-thinking 和 positive while doing what we can to meet the challenges at h和 in … 阅读更多 »


“2019年ds - ds”照片亭

32年来, 西北学生交换 (NWSE) has promoted 文化交流, 外语学习, 和 international education by offering meaningful 和 affordable 交流项目s for high 学校 students from around the world.  High 学校 文化交流s foster international underst和ing 和 personal development, 和 provide new perspectives 和 insights into the world for everyone involved.   NWSE寄宿家庭志愿者开放… 阅读更多 »



The 学校 year is coming to an end, which means that you 和 other NWSE 交换学生 in the U.S. 世界各地的人们都在为你们的返乡之旅做准备. It’s difficult to know what to expect 最后 of an 交流项目. 和大多数交换生一样, you are probably thinking about the homemade meal you have been craving, 或者…… 阅读更多 »